Half Brother, All Cop

from by DANGERS



Ten-four. Over and out. Eat shit. Here's my shadow of a doubt. Got a "fuck you" brewing for a man that's half of me. We used to be half-brothers but now all he is is LAPD. Went from bullying me to bullying the world. Just a bigot with a badge. I don't love you. I don't even like you. What you do makes me abhor you. We're through. A necessary evil but an evil just the same. The law's on your side but that don't make it sane. Code blue! I've heard you say wetback. I've heard you say beaner. And behind my back you probably call me a nigger. Fuck you. Man in blue. What you gonna do? We're coming after you. Man in blue. Get a clue. Nine one one. Let's have some fun. Why should I listen to you? Six six six. You arrogant prick. You break more laws than I do. Nine one one. Oh, what a masculine gun! I will not listen to you. Six six six sixty cease and desist! In my perfect world there would be no police. Yet we would still
function in relative peace.


from ANGER, released August 8, 2006



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DANGERS Los Angeles, California

Four animals doing musical things.

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