Cure For Cancer

from by DANGERS



It's all downhill
from here, old man.
Auf wiedersehen.
Two steps forward,
six feet underground.
Standing O,
Take a bow.
Lab coats,
and all the chemotherapy
don't seem
to me
an answer to these tears you long to see.
So i ain't crying no more.
I'd pull out the plug
if i could muster up the love.
No one wants memories of
skid marks
pants pissed.
Jim Beam,
Mary Jane.
Wherefore art thou Kevorkian?
No way,
it's not for me
this life spent basking in you agony.
Give me the longest walks.
Prescribe for me the shortest piers.
I ain't going out like that.
No way, not me, I'd rather die
And as i stood there by his bed,
bowls of Jell-o, crusts of bread,
stared straight into his eyes
and I wanted him to die.
And I felt the shame
Of such, such naiveté
that someone young,
that someone dumb,
someone my age
could feel so callously
to want to piss in the fountains of youth,
to dance all night on the graves of the dead,
to want to tear those pink ribbons to shreds.
And as he lay there in his bed,
80 pounds, half dead,
He said, "Bink, please hold my hand...
I don' think that you understand...
Oh, puneta, I've done all that I can
and i don't want to die."
Your're gonna die
You're gonna die.
You're gonna.


from Messy, Isn't It?, released January 5, 2010



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DANGERS Los Angeles, California

Four animals doing musical things.

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